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Safety Priority

IRC LLC recognizes the priority of human safety over the results of production activities. The lives and health of our employees are the fundamental values of our company. On this basis, we strive to create safe working conditions and encourage employees to take a responsible attitude to the production process and their own safety.


The company has implemented an integrated quality management system for compliance with the requirements of standards.

ISO 9001:2015

quality management

ISO 14001:2016

environmental management

ISO 45001-2020

health and safety management

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Occupational safety
The basis of successful business, considered as an integral part of sustainable development and the Company's business system.
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Occupational health and safety management system
An integral element of an effective company and operations management system based on a culture of safety, health, risk management, understanding and alignment with our principles and values.
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In the sphere of occupational, industrial and environmental safety, IRC LLC is guided by the laws of the Russian Federation.