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IRC LLC operates both in densely populated regions of Russia and in virgin territories of the Western and Eastern Siberia, in the Far North, and everywhere the Company aims to minimize its environmental impact.

Atmospheric air protection is the most significant and multidisciplinary environmental aspect of the Company's operations.

The corporate climate protection policy takes into account the provisions of the Energy Strategy of Russia for the period until 2030 and the Environmental Doctrine of the Russian Federation. The specialists of IRC LLC are members of the Program Committee of the Sustainable Development Initiative of the International Gas Union and actively work in its research group on reduction of harmful emissions.


The company has implemented an integrated quality management system for compliance with the requirements of standards.

ISO 9001:2015

quality management

ISO 14001:2016

environmental management

ISO 45001-2020

health and safety management

We do our best to minimize the number of areas used. The whole complex of measures is applied: the use of technologies of block-modular construction of towns and production bases from ready-made elements, the use of progressive methods of waste disposal, which are increasingly used in the company's activities every year, thus allowing us to reduce the amount of production waste, as well as the storage area, and also to exclude disturbance and pollution of lands during operation.
Preserving the integrity of permafrost areas is facilitated by preparing construction sites and carrying out construction and installation works only in winter, which allows keeping the topsoil layer that thaws in summer undisturbed. Other methods are also used.
Cleanup and revegetation
Innovative methods are being introduced to clean up the soil from hydrocarbon contamination and bio-technologies are used to restore the quality of disturbed land. The applied technologies take into account the peculiarities of climatic conditions, reduce costs and increase the speed of restoration.Effective methods based on the use of new biopreparations containing hydrocarbon-destroying microorganisms have been tested on Yamal, which allow biological treatment of land at low temperatures.
A key element in reducing the impact of production facilities on water resources is reduction of water extraction and the quality of treatment procedures.